L&M Auto Repair serves the community of Augusta with all their automotive needs. L&M is an easy 25 minute drive west on Kellogg from Augusta. If you commute from August into Wichita, we are the shop for you! We offer complimentary loaner vehicles for active repairs and services – so you can even have a car for the day, allowing you to go on with your normal activities while your vehicle is being serviced.
Augusta, KS has a rich history and was originally founded in 1868 by C.N. James. He named his new settlement, Augusta, after his wife. He built a log home, that was the general store – that log cabin is still standing today! August is known for oil and natural gas, being served by two railroad companies, and the Augusta Historical Theatre, which is actually still being used today as a theatre. If you are looking for fun around Augusta, you should visit the glow-in-the-dark disc golf course, Apple Jack pumpkin patch in the fall, or the extreme playground in the red brick district.