Located only twenty-two minutes southwest of L&M Auto Repair, Clearwater, KS is a great family spot with beautiful city parks, an aquatic center, a historical museum, and a senior center. Clearwater was first formed in the Ninnescah Township in 1872. Ninnescah means ‘water’ and ‘clear, good, spring, salt and white water.’ Clearwater was a rapidly growing area around 1885. This was caused by cattle drives, and railroads. They had two schools by then, and their first bank. Clearwater remains a small town, but a hidden gem close to Wichita, KS.
L&M Auto Repair loves to help the people of Clearwater, KS with all their automotive needs. L&M can help with general services like oil changes, scheduled maintenance, and new tires. The shop can also help with general automotive repairs – water pumps, suspension issues, new engines, and so much more! L&M knows that the community of Clearwater wants to be able to trust their vehicle, so we are the shop for you. We look forward to helping our current Clearwater, KS clients and our future ones.