The city of Douglass, Kansas is a small town, but filled with a rich history, and a great place for a family to live today – small town feel, but still access to bigger city life as wanted and needed. Douglass was first settled in 1869 after the Civil War by Joseph Douglass. He tried farming, realized it wasn’t his passion, so he had the land turned into an official town site with streets and blocks. Douglass found other influential town members and gave them land to encourage new settlers to come to the area. The town continued to grow and flourish over time with new businesses like general stores, drug stores, grain mills, physicians, banks, schools and more. The town eventually even had a successful opera house! Today, Douglass has community events, a park, sand volleyball courts, a community pool and more. It is a great city for families.

Douglass, Kansas is located 34 minutes southeast of L&M Auto Repair. Any Douglass community members that find themselves commuting, L&M is a great option for all your vehicle needs. For any same day services or repairs, the shop can get you right into a loaner car, so you can go about your daily responsibilities and not skip a beat. Or, we could offer a shuttle service if that is more convenient. L&M would love to help with any maintenance needs or general repairs. Please give us a call if you have any questions – we are here to help!