Today’s vehicles are extremely complex. Most newer vehicles on the road today have 40+ computers in them. From heated seats, to air conditioning, to transmissions, windows and lights, everything is ultimately controlled by a computer. Our shop has the diagnosing equipment, training and expertise to track down even the most complicated computer issue your vehicle may have. If you notice a drivability issue or your check engine light comes on, we can help. Schedule an appointment for us to diagnose your computer issue.


A check engine light can be a minor issue or a major one. It will only illuminate when there is an issue. If a second issue happens while the light is already triggered, you won’t have any indication of a new problem. So, if you notice your check engine light come on, let us use our professional diagnostic scanners to quickly and accurately find the root of the problem. We have the ability to take an in-depth look at all of your vehicle’s systems, test each component, and give you the satisfaction of trusting your vehicle again.


All of the electrical systems are interconnected via a network communication system in today’s vehicles. A small problem in one area can have a major negative effect on many other systems. For instance, you might notice your speedometer is inoperative and think it is an isolated issue, but when you go to apply your breaks on a snowy day, you might just find your Anti-Lock Brakes are not working either. If you notice something unusual, call to schedule an appointment so our highly trained technicians and check it out.

Auto Repair & Maintenance

We do it all, including engines and transmissions, tire services, heating and A/C, batteries, brakes, electronics, and more!


Recreational Towing & Trailer Hitches

We say, “Stress less. Vacation more.” Let us hook you up, so you can safely tow your boat, trailer, RV, or car. We also handle trailer repairs.


Computer & Electrical Diagnostics

Our shop has the diagnostic equipment to track down even the most complicated computer issues your vehicle may have!


Tires & Alignment

We set the bar with the best alignment equipment and top technicians who can align almost anything.