• All of our alignment services include a digital suspension inspection. It’s impossible to align a vehicle with loose steering or a loose suspension component, so prior to aligning any vehicle, we will first check to make sure that there is nothing loose in the steering or suspension. If we find anything loose during the inspection, we will take a video showing what is loose and send it to the customer in an email and text.
  • Our Warranty is 2 years, or 24,000 miles on most repairs. We have financing options available as well. We will work very hard to help you get your vehicle driving straight again. We pride ourselves on fixing those vehicles that have been to many shops around town already. Come in and let us prove to you why we say we are the best.
  • You will see many shops out there offering quick, cheap alignments. When an alignment is done is 20 minutes, be aware. Look for the phrase “Modified Specifications” at the top of your alignment report. That means they changed the numbers in the computer to “align” your vehicle instead of taking the time to actually align your vehicle. Tires are too much of an investment to not make them last as long as possible.
  • Our process will not damage your wheels
  • We can align up to a 30 inch wheel
  • Standard Vehicles
  • Lowered Vehicles
  • Stanced Vehicles
  • Large Offset Trucks
  • Long bed Crew Cab Trucks
  • Custom Suspensions
  • Hot Rods
  • Latest Hunter Alignment Technology & training

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